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Intelligent & Integrated Electromobility  to be smart transferred into practice.  „Consulting & transformation „best of“ and innovative – holistic.“
Means:   „best of“ Solutions in each segment/sector   from  End2End.  Create benfits,  fun, solarpower 2drive, reduce Co2 clever and be CSR-conform.

We offer „supplier independend“  eMobilityservices & Consulting, Workshops and Solutions.

Best practise > -solar2go (Plug IN)<  e-drive (Pedelec, e-bike, e-motor bikes, e-bikeBoards, 100% e-Cars, e-Vans, eGrid  virtual grids, bidirectional charging solutions  …
=> showing live => world  & leading  >MagSense <(R) Realttime Solutions interacting with I.e. 22 kWh Real-time Chargingservices . Independed Backendsolutions & innovations. Indoor Parking, on street and traffic >Realtime-Portfolio< leading solutions from A-Z  on request. New P+R autonome Stellplatzdetektion (c)

emobility (att) e d i g r o u p dot de


How are your  requirements for professional value-edi (project) management, enterprise application architecture, migration, support via the entire End2End chain?
Not only the full spectrum of data exchange and interfacing enabling, security demand are our focus. The real time or so called „in-Memory Analytics“ with ProcessVisual Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, secure private Cloud, SaaS, Big and fast Data Management for sustainable improvement for you -with the best results and benefit- are our goal. I.E.  Meter Data Management  (+BSI) and Smart Grid Content Solutions.  Not only speaking- just doing better.

Teams: Our proactive competence teams. Together with business partner, – long term successful, deepest senior practical experience in the market –  end of 2013 i.e. for SEPA-Payment Consulting&Migration „task-force Odenwald Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar“ and further services are available. At all minimum of 4 Team Members of our Coreteam + more as option. Secure remote support 365/24/7 on demand. Please do not hesitate to contact us via E-Mail. Further information on request.

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Customer: Thank you for your fast reply and the good pdf.
I understand that you offer undependend EDi-Services.
EDI staffing, EDi Personalreserve, full range of B2Bintegration EDI EAI EAM around all data exchange services, protocol, format, connection of all parties, systems, secure datatransmission in 1st,2nd and 3rd level demand. You are an very experienced team with sector undependend approach – solutiondriven.